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Realize the vision

Gabriel Eriksson

When work becomes passion and your passion becomes work you are most likely to do pretty well.
When recruiting, I have always prioritized personality, ambition and a humble approach to your team. Because these are to me foundations of a successful team. These are also naturally the foundations of The Wine and Spirits Collective.

Me myself have never urged for a career, never. Though I have come to love challenges and look upon each challenging situation as an opportunity to grow as a person. Even more fulfilling is the opportunity of watching my colleagues grow and together as a team create wonders. This view on work combined with a not to serious approach to life in general has given me a nice career as well, as a bonus. Now I have accepted another great and highly motivated challenge.

the only way to do great work is loving what you do.

About us

The Wine and Spirits Collective is a small creative company with a modern approach. A people´s organization who strongly believe in putting great trust in the individual and constantly challenge ourselves and the environment we are working in. We are a team with different backgrounds, expertise as well as personal and professional differences. But we work as a team, we love what we do and we all feel very lucky to be able to work with our passion. To be honest the only way to do great work is loving what you do.

We are creating an entrepreneurial environment with curious and creative people who in a small organization as ours all are included in the overall development. This in combination with the determination to achieve a healthy work-life balance will create a workplace we can be really proud of.
As a small and much focused organization we will deliver smart, tailor-made strategies and activities for our partners.

While have a strong track record to prove our way of working we are constantly working on creating better and more effective ways of delivering results for ourselves and our partners. We encourage challenge, risk-taking, and lifelong learning and never rest on our past accomplishments. Today we represent producers of all sizes, from Miguel Torres to small niched burgundy producers. As well as within the team we believe in good dynamics within the portfolio. A portfolio which we hope will grow with new passionate partners in the future.
Welcome to The Wine and Spirits Collective.