Serego Alighieri Grappa


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Land italien ArtikelnummerX5010MS2402DruvorCorvina, Rondinella, Molinara

Om Producenten

Det är inte konstigt att denna egendom har den längsta traditionen av vinproduktion i Valpolicella, eftersom den har funnits i familjens ägo i över 650 år. 1353 köpte Pietro Alighieri den historiska egendomen Casal dei Ronchi, som ligger i Gargagnago, mitt i hjärtat av Valpolicella Classico, Pietro Alighieri var son till den kända poeten Dante. 


Once fermentation has completely finished, the pomace derived from the making of Vaio Armaron Amarone is distilled immediately after soft pressing. Continuous distillation is practiced for the first stage of eliminating alcohol, and a discontinuous process for the second stage of rectification. Temperatures are not allowed to rise much above 100° to limit the risk of heat damage to the ingredients. 

Distillation is slow and causes the separation of the “head” and the “tail” from the main body of the product. The discontinuous distillation process gives character to a fragrant, perfumed and clean-tasting product. The resulting spirit is on average 82° alcohol, from which, after analysis, it is diluted with distilled water down to the required strength before chilling and filtering after 48 hours. Storage is in stainless steel tanks.

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